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 Sound Track Title: Raattinam
 Starring: Lagubaran, Swathi
 Movie Director: K.S. Thangasami
 Music Director: Manorameshan
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Raattinam is a film that succeeds in surprising you on more occasions than just one — the biggest surprise coming right at the end, in the form of the climax.  K. S. Thangasamy, his story may appear clichéd, but the message he communicates through his film is relatively fresh and one that makes sense.

Jayam -Laguparan, the younger brother of a small-time politician-cum-businessman Ashok -K. S. Thangasamy, ends up falling in love with Dhanam -Swathi, a school-going girl who is not only the daughter of a high-ranking official at the Port in Tuticorin but also the niece of the Public Prosecutor.

Three songs make the cut, with ‘Asathum Azhagu' clearly occupying the top slot

Yelae Yepullu  Nenjukkule Ne Karthik, Chimayi
Yenakkulla Ennamo Naadakk Vidhu Prathap
Yethu Yethu Idhu Yeththuma Jassie Gift, Anoop Shankar

Yakkai    Suttrum   Raattinam

Bhavyalakshmi, Anoop
Yeno En  Idhayam Sitharakan Haricharan, Navin Iyer
Asathum   Azhagu  Appadiye Ajay, Naveen,Madhav, Srileka