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 Sound Track Title: Virattu
 Starring: Sujiv, Erika Fernandez
 Movie Director: Kumar Ravilla
 Music Director: Dharan Kumar
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Director T. Kumar was interested in dramatics right from his school days. He used to do mono acting and directed his first play when he was in Standard XI. He pushed ahead to direct and write screenplays for various production houses. This includes a short stint in Malaysia where he worked for a production company.

The story of Virattu happens on a fast-moving train from Thailand to Malaysia. The stunt scenes composed by Dho Dho of Thailand and Williams of Malaysia are one of the highlights.

Hero Sujiv, Virattu has some risky fights. Since I am a Black Third Dan, I found them interesting. I canít forget a particular sequence which I had to execute in a peculiar posture in a cramped space. It was hard but I managed to pull it off.

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