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 Sound Track Title: Iruvar Ondranal
 Starring: Prabhu, Krithika Malini
 Movie Director: Anbu G
 Music Director: Guru Krishnan
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Love is everywhere, within everyone. People fall and rise in love. All of us search for love. Until it's fulfilled. Until we find that one person who reciprocates our love.

Some face failures in this quest for love. But they never get disheartened. They continue their search till it's a success. Keeping this as the gist we have a story line that revolves around a college student, who is the protagonist - "Kaushik".

The perception of love by the present youth is revealed through his life span of five years from his schooling to graduating. The story unfolds through the protagonist and the four girls he comes across in his life during that period. 100% realization of love and fun. Guaranteed.

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