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 Sound Track Title: Arima Nambi
 Starring: Vikram Prabu, Priya Anand
 Movie Director: Anand Shankar
 Music Director: Sivamani
 TamilBeat's Rating:                               

From the little one could glean from the slickly edited trailer, Arima Nambi seems like a standard cat-and-mouse plot with a number of action setpieces. “What you see in the trailer is actually the story. The entire film is on the mystery surrounding the girl that he meets casually one night,” says Anand.

Why did he think Vikram Prabhu was the right choice for a film high on action? “The script is apt for an actor who is trying to shed his image and become an action hero.

In this film, Vikram Prabhu will be seen in a more urban avatar, completely different from the rustic boy he played in Kumki. It will be a good makeover for him,” says Anand.

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