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 Sound Track Title: Paayum Puli
 Starring: Vishal, Kajal Aggarwal
 Movie Director:


 Music Director: D. Imman
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The story set in the backdrop of Madurai, Paayum Puli features Vishal as an undercover police officer named Jayaseelan, who wants to clean up his city, which is hounded by numerous ruffians.

But as it turns out, his aim is much more than just eradicating local rowdies. It is to find out the root cause of all violence that's been spreading in the city like wildfire. The root cause, in this case, forms the surprise element and Vishal's struggle to overcome it in order to succeed forms the crux of Paayum Puli's story.

Kajal played the role of Soumya, a girl owning a plant nursery who is scared of everything, including small things such as crossing the roads.

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