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 Sound Track Title: Nandhanam
 Starring: Sivaji Dev, Mithra Kurian
 Movie Director: N.C. Shyamalan
 Music Director: Gopi Sundar
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Producer S. Thangaraj is from the hotel industry. He happened to listen to the story from my friend, director Shyamalan. The story with twists and turns got me interested in the project and he decided to produce it.

Director N.C. Shyamalan after his post-graduation, he joined a private college as a physics tutor. He worked as an assistant under directors R. Balu and A. Venkatesh. He did a short film on video piracy.

Hero Sivaji Dev did Singakutti some years ago and then went abroad for higher studies. Nandanam is a decent love story revolving around youngsters in an IT company. I have given my best. Letís see what the audience feels.

Etho Etho Uyirile Theeya The Karthik, Priya Hamesh
Idhu Enna  Valiyoo Idhayam

N.C. Shyamalan

Kaadhal Nadhi  Karaiyoram Gopi Sundar
Mudhal  Parvai  Parkaiyil En

Krish, Benny, Priya Hamesh

Neeye En Sneike Theeye Unn Haricharan
Mayamana Ulagathile Mang Sai, Gopi Sudar, Shyamalan